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Selwyn "Jim" Lewis

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Hello, my name is Selwyn “Jim” Lewis and I am a current board member of SVGAT. I came to Canada in 1982 and joined the association in 1984. I have served as a member of the association ever since. Throughout my time in the association, I have been a part of numerous committees including the independence committee and the education committee and held numerous positions including Public Relations Officer (PRO), Secretary and most recently President. 

I have been involved in community work from an early stage, starting with my work at Lowman’s Community Development Organization (LCDO). In the larger community, I was a programmer at CHRY, the local community radio station, where I also served as a board member and chair of the board. 

On the recreational end, I have played both soccer and cricket in Canada, playing soccer with teams such as the Rexdale Victors, the Volcanoes and Caricon. I have also played cricket with SVGAT’s Cricket Team.


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