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Honorary Life Members

An honorary life member shall be a person who by his or her effort contributed directly or indirectly to the progress of the Association. An honorary life member shall be entitled to vote and hold office.

An honorary member shall be an individual who has demonstrated genuine interest in the Association. An honorary member is entitled to take part in any of the activities of the Association except the right to vote and to hold office.

Kenneth Farrell

Kenneth Farrell is a longtime member of The St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Toronto Inc. (SVGAT) and has served in several capacities during his many years of service to the SVG community through the Association. Kenneth presently sits on the Board of Directors and has led the Association on four occasions, beginning in 1996 as Chair and then as president in 2002; 2004 and then as interim president in 2006.

During his years with the Association, Kenneth has held various positions on the Executive and Board. He has chaired many committees. In one particular year, due to the lack of manpower in the organization, a decision was made to amalgamate several committees – cultural and recreation, education and sports under one large committee (CRES). It was a challenging task to chair this committee and when the call went out for a Chair, Kenneth volunteered to take on the responsibility. He organized games evenings and led the scholarship committee on many occasions while being involved heavily with the Netball Association and the Cricket Club. Kenneth has been very instrumental in 2013 with the Association’s Diabetes and Seniors’ Programs by taking a few courses at City Hall to assist with implementing the programs.


Malcolm Garraway

Mr. Malcolm Garraway is a longtime member of the Association and has served in several capacities during his many years of service to our community with the Association. He is among just a few persons who led the Association as president on three or more occasions, having served in that capacity in 1988, 1994 and 1995.

During his terms as president, Comrade Garraway as he is affectionately called, was instrumental in establishing a number of initiatives in the Association, the SVG community in Toronto and the SVG community across Canada.

In the 1980s, the Association introduced a publication called The Newsletter. Because this was a quarterly publication, Mr. Garraway, became the driving force behind an ‘as it happens’ publication called Larbel so that our community can get important news and highlights in a timely manner. During those years and under his leadership, Comrade Garraway forged the formation of the National Council which comprised all of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Associations across Canada, an organization that he also led for three terms. Malcolm Garraway was also a driving force behind the formation of the Association’s Cricket Team of which he was the manager for over a decade. Sometime later, the team separated from the Association and became an entity on its own with the name St. Vincent and the Grenadines Sports Club.

Comrade Garraway was influential in encouraging many persons to join the Association including his family members. In light of these attributes and the myriad of other qualities which Malcolm exhibited and which the records of the Association reflect, the Board of Directors of the St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Toronto Inc. proudly confers on Mr. Malcolm Garraway the title of Honorary Life Member placing him amongst a heroic group of Honorary Life Members of the Association.


Honorary Life Members of SVGAT:

St. Elmo Hunte - (Information not available)
Hubert Phillips - (Information not available)


Edson Huggins

Edson Huggins has served in several capacities on the Executive and on Committees of the St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Toronto. When he is not serving on committees, he continues to willingly and generously give of his time and talent to the Association in particular, and to the Community as a whole.

Throughout the years, Edson has captured the life of the Association through his hundreds of photographs, which he shares with and donates to the Association. He has come to be known as "Our Photographer" - without any compensatory (financial) recognition that should have gone with it.

Edson Huggins is a founding member of the once very active St. Vincent and Grenadines Association Cultural Group. Among his other duties, he wrote and directed plays that were put on by the Group. During Black History month, Edson has offered his other talents and shared his knowledge of Black history with our young people and their parents in the community.
Edson has willingly visited Elementary and Secondary schools in his Scarborough community to educate school administrators, teachers and students alike on "Little known facts in Black History". As a result of his intense community involvement and consequently his contact with the young people, Edson is fondly referred to as "Uncle Edson" by a plethora of youths unrelated to him.

Mr. Huggins is one of two persons honoured at the 2005 St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association's Independence Dinner.


Alfred ComptonAlfred Compton

Alfred Compton, a native of Canouan, one of the Grenadines, came to Canada in 1967. He became a member of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association in 1970 and has served on the executive on a number of occasions as Nominated Member and also as Assistant Treasurer. As a Nominated Member he chaired the Building Committee and Fund Raising & Entertainment Committee.

Throughout the years Mr. Compton contributed in kind and coin to the Association. In the late 1970's when the Association rented a hall on St. Clair Avenue West, Compton went out and recruited persons to assist in areas that other members of the Association then could not. Two of those persons, Hubert Phillips and St. Elmo 'Boney' Hunt a professional builder and an electrician respectively did so much work on the renovation of the hall that the Executive of the day named them Honorary Life Members. Mr. Compton also contributed his time and money to see the renovations completed to the satisfaction of members of the Association.

Compton has remained a contributing member over the years in spite of periods of disillusionment. He is fairly regular in attending meetings. During the past two years, 2001 and 2002, Mr. Compton, an upholsterer by trade donated two Occasional Chairs to the Association to be raffled. Each year the raffle yielded over $500.00 and the proceeds were donated to causes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Our constitution allows the title of Honorary Life Member to be bestowed on individuals who by their efforts have contributed directly or indirectly of their time and effort to the progress of the Association.

The Executive and members of the Association thank Mr. Compton for the contribution to the Association over the years and congratulate him on this award.


Barbara ToneyBarbara Toney

Barbara Toney hails from the town of Calliaqua, four miles from Kingstown, where her parents taught her to be always active in church and the community. She migrated to Canada in June of 1964, residing first in Montreal, where on the day of her arrival, frost was still on the ground and she confided that "it was so cold; smoke was coming out of my mouth". Barbara and some friends chose to move on to greener English pastures in Toronto in 1970 where she has lived ever since.

Barbara became active in the SVGAT almost immediately upon her arrival in Toronto. Over the years, she travelled by the TTC or got rides to religiously attend monthly and other Association meetings wherever they were held across this vast city - be it downtown at Club Tropics, George Brown College, East York Community Centre, Centennial College, Community Centres in the Jane/Finch area, and other venues, and also at our own Hall on St. Clair Avenue West, where she worked tirelessly to prepare our own meeting place for our enjoyment and profit.

Barbara was a founding member of the St. Vincent Cultural Group that over many years of activity sought to assist the young people in our community through its various activities and in so doing, assisted the SVGAT.

Section 3.5 of the SVGAT Constitution states that "An Honorary Life Member shall be a person who by his or her effort contributed directly or indirectly to the progress of the Association".

Barbara's efforts in this regard have been remarkable. In the 70's she volunteered to assist the Association in raising funds in various ways, one of which was raffling of a car - this entailed spending weekends at various shopping malls; she and Executive members such as Stanley Samuel and the late Oswald George, sold many tickets with the hope of one day the SVGAT was going to have our own building. Barbara ran countless bus trips during the summer months to various locations - especially in Ontario, for both fun and fund raising - During the days without Sunday shopping, singles and families travelled together by the bus loads to beaches and historic sites, many of these places most of us would never have visited. Each year the SVGAT organized Labour Day bus trips to Brooklyn, Barbara was instrumental in this also by selling tickets and taking charge of a bus.

Barbara was the most outstanding ticket salesperson for the Association for many years, be it Mother's Day brunches, or Independence Banquet, and she would never allow herself to be intimidated at the door for Vincy Caribana dances or the aforementioned events. It was for this reason that she was most often asked to collect tickets at the door. She did not allow free entry to either the known or unknown, thereby ensuring maximum proceeds from the door. In the early years, she would pay her way to attend Cricket events in support of our team and willingly contribute in any way she could.

Barbara is a cake baker and decorator. Over these many years, how may times, and for how many events she was asked to bake and decorate cakes for the Association? Neither she nor the writer of this profile can count the times - and what was she paid for her labour? "The pleasure is mine, I can't charge the Association" she would say. And so too, Barbara is a good cook, delights in making cod fish cakes and bakes. When the SVGAT needed some for a reception, a bus trip, a picnic or other gathering, then, why not ask Barbara? She would willingly comply. When a church was needed to host SVG Independence Thanksgiving Service, on several occasions, Barbara came to the rescue and arranged for the SVGAT to worship with her congregation at St. Luke's Anglican Church. Just like Barbara!!

And finally, the SVGAT needed some money to tide itself over some rough times, members were asked to assist with loans, Barbara was one of the few who willingly and generously came forward with the much needed funds. It took a few years, but she was re-imbursed and her generosity was acknowledged with gratitude.

In 1980, Barbara received an award from the SVGAT: "Recognition for dedicated services to the SVGAT". For many years she served on the executive of the Association as a Nominated Member so that she could be involved in making decisions on the progress of the Association. She was a regular member of the Relief Committee of the Association.

On October 27th 1990, Barbara was awarded the "Honorary Life Member Award".

On May 12th 1996, Barbara was recognized for "Family and Community Life".

Congratulations Barbara.

Contributed by Grace Toney-Stephens



The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association confers the title of Honorary Life Membership on a member who by his or her efforts over a minimum period of ten (10) years significantly contributed directly or indirectly to the work and advancement of the Association. An honorary life member shall be entitled to all the privileges of a financial member. An Honorary Life Member does not pay an annual membership fee. At the Association’s monthly general meeting held on September 27, 2012 the membership voted in favour of a motion to name Mr. Gideon Exeter to join the list of its members to become an Honorary Life Member.

Mrs. Alexander was born in St. Vincent to Mr. & Mrs. George A. McIntosh. As a young child she accompanied her parents to Aruba where she grew up then moved to Trinidad & Tobago. Most of her schooling was done in Trinidad then she went on to attend Howard University in Washington, DC. She later returned to Trinidad as a school teacher where she met her late husband Thomas Alexander.

The Alexanders migrated to Canada in 1969 where she continued her career in teaching. A Roman Catholic by faith, Mrs. Alexander taught at several Roman Catholic schools specializing in Home Economics. She retired from teaching in 2002.

Due to her training in Home Economics, Mrs. Alexander used these skills to assist numerous individuals and organizations alike. She provided catering on a small scale for special occasions to families and organizations. The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Toronto of which she has been a member for a number of years benefitted tremendously from her generosity as she often provided her services to the Association at times at no cost. She has also been regularly generous to the Grenada Boys Secondary School Alumni - Toronto Chapter, Bishop Anstey High School Alumni and the Congress of Black Women - Scarborough Chapter. She is widely known for her generosity to a number of causes across Toronto.

As a result of her contribution to the Association and to the wider community over the years the Association in 2009 awarded her its highest honour, that of Honorary Life Member. She has previously been recognized by the Grenada Boys Secondary School Alumni for her contribution to that organization.

Mrs. Joan McIntosh Alexander currently is enjoying her retirement days in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She and her late husband had two children, Julian and Jeanine Alexander.


Gideon Lamont Exeter

Gideon Exeter came to Canada in the early 1980’s and joined the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association in 1984. He was elected Treasurer at the first Annual General Meeting he attended in January 1985. Since then, Gideon has served on the Executive for numerous years in various capacities including two times, 2003 and 2007 as President.

Over the years Gideon has chaired several Ad Hoc and Standing Committees, and has made quite an impact with his contributions to the Relief Committee, Independence Committee, Public Relations Committee and the Constitution Committee. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Gideon for several years on both the Relief Committee and the Constitutional Review Committee. In discussion, debate and decision making, his contributions were always well thought out, direct and fair. Gideon is generous with his time, talent and money without measure. I don't need to tell you how Vincentians here in Toronto, and at home, have benefited from his generosity.

The Scholarship Program of which we are so very proud, the Adopt-A-Child Program and the Christmas Hamper Project all bear his mark. In fact, it was Gideon's personal sponsorship of a child in St. Vincent that gave us (the SVGAT) the blueprint and impetus to run with sponsorship on our own. He was instrumental in the formation of the Past President’s Council, the Scholarship Program and the Adopt-A-Child Program.

Gideon is recognized as one of the outstanding fundraisers for the Association. Through his relationship with businesses and his networking capabilities he has enabled the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association to receive sponsorships in products and cash for many of its activities, including the much needed Christmas Hamper Outreach Program.

Aside from his direct contributions to the life of the Association, Gideon has been a representative or had close working relationships on outside committees such as CCECA, National Council of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Associations in Canada, the Unity Picnic Committee and the Council of Caribbean Associations - Canada. Whenever one is asked by Gideon to assist our community and especially the SVGAT in anyway, it is very difficult to refuse. As a result of his efforts, many Vincentians in Toronto have moved from the margins to the mainstreams of our Organization.

In order to do as much as he did for the Association and our community Gideon has been ably assisted by his family who may from time to time have felt they were being neglected. He however enjoys a healthy family life.

Gideon has three adult sons – Lamont, Lance and Jamaal from his first marriage. He is currently married to Nichole and has a step-daughter, Alia. He is employed as a Pre-Planning Director & Family Counsellor with Arbor Memorial Services Inc.

Submitted by Grace Stephen


Glendon Carmichael

Occasionally our organization shows our appreciation for the contribution of our members by granting the special title of Honorary Life Member.  This year, 2017, long serving member, Glendon Carmichael has been nominated for this honour in accordance with the requisite articles of the constitution of the association.

As a professional, Glendon has always been an encouragement and a mentor to many students and members of our community. He has done us proud as a diligent and committed college instructor.

As an ardent cricketer, Glendon played many years in the Toronto Cricket League but later turned his attention to serving the cricket team associated with our association.  Again he stood out not only as a superb player, but as a great leader and mentor. He has always been and still is one to whom elected officials of The St Vincent and Grenadines Sports Club turn for guidance and advice.

As a long standing member of the association Glendon has always been a formidable debater and a firm defender of right against wrong.  He has always conducted himself passionately and with dignity.  As such he always commanded the attention of our membership.

Glendon Carmichael has never been reluctant to take up a challenge and has served the association in various capacities.  He has been in the forefront of visits to the sick and the elderly. He has served on a variety of committees including the Education and Cultural Committee, the Publicity Committee and the Constitution Committee among others.  Glendon is a staunch supporter of the scholarship program and has served on this important project from time to time. Importantly also, he has taken up the mantle of President and Public Relations Officer of the association.

In light of these attributes and the myriad of others which the records of the association reflect, The Board of Directors is pleased and very proud to confer the status of Honorary Life Member on Mr. Glendon Carmichael. We therefore invite our membership and supporters to extend a warm welcome to him into this valiant group of association stalwarts.


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